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Reem Alaa Mohammed

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Assistant Professor

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.


Reem earned her M.Sc degree in 2014 from Materials Engineering / University of Technology / Iraq - Baghdad& her B.Sc from Materials Engineering / University of Technology / Iraq - Baghdad in 2006
Now she gives Lectures in Materials Engineering / University of Technology / Iraq – Baghdad.

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M.Sc., Materials Engineering / University of Technology / Iraq - Baghdad , 2014.

B.Sc., Materials Engineering / University of Technology / Iraq - Baghdad, 2006.


various fields of mechanical and physical properties polymeric-based composites materials, and studying the effects of additives Nano-materials
Recycling of natural and industrial waste
Natural fiber
Erosive wear And Coatings


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23- Erosion Wear of Composite Materials Reinforced by Different Systems” BOOK, LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2015.



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