Center Activities

 Main activities:-

  • Checking and following up all admission procedures at the university and issuing admission orders.

  • Follow-up of student affairs since the student entered the university and even after graduating from it, and taking into account the application of regulations and instructions related to this.

  • Checking and approving the graduate documents issued by the scientific departments.

  • Combating corruption represented by fraud and working to uncover fraudulent students and removing them from the university campus, informing the Legal Affairs Department, and prosecuting them.

  • Checking the authenticity of the issuance of documents received from departments and ministries in cooperation with the scientific departments and informing the concerned authority and the Office of the Inspector General and the central admission to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research upon discovering any case of tampering or forgery in it.

  • Developing graduation forms and documents, introducing security elements into them, and adopting fraudulent forms.

  • Ensure the correctness of the issuance and contents of the documents of students admitted to the university in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Education, and other relevant authorities and universities and institutes

  • Issuing graduation orders for students annually and informing the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research about them, and sending a copy to the Engineers Association with regard to engineering departments

  • Checking the names of graduates before publishing them on the university's website in cooperation with the Information Technology and Communications Center.

  • Receiving students and citizens, listening to their problems, and working to solve them according to the laws and regulations in force.

  • Providing advice and clarifications to the registration divisions in the scientific departments upon request from them.

  • Preparing studies and submitting proposals to develop work within the department or in the registration division of the scientific departments.

  • Certification of graduates' documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.