vision and objectives


Department Establishment:-

   The Department of Registration and Student Affairs is the portal of the university, as it is the zoom lens for the university’s administrative and scientific activities, which was formed during the establishment of the university in 1975, through which interaction with the community takes place during the entrance of students to the university and after their graduation, and foundations for the service of our dear students. The registration department consists of a group of sections and they are as follows: Undergraduate Affairs, ratifications, the validity of the issuance, statistics and information, follow-up of graduates, electronic registration, document verification.



  The department aims to complete the transactions of students who are continuing in the study and graduates by following solid scientific methods and mechanisms to advance its administrative reality. The Department of Registration and Student Affairs has adopted computer techniques and employed them for the success of its goals that they aspire to and its goal is the continuous interaction between its continuous students and graduates, following up on their issues and problems, and providing the means Guarantee to solve it.